A global fraud and the future of mankind

As the first part of this account illuminates incredibly neatly intertwined moments of a global fraud in Corona, which cannot be understood other than under the assumption of an underlying unified plan, a second part hints at moments of what might await us in the future.
A global fraud ...
The story seems to begin on February 7, 2020, when Prof. Drosten renamed what his newly discovered test was supposed to prove, from "nCoV" for the mere suspicion of a possibly defective or harmless virus to "SARS-CoV-2" ("SARS" for "Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome"), which is now a dangerous pathogen. This renaming gave the public the impression that a killer virus threatening the whole world had been discovered in China, even though, in neglect of scientific standards, it has not been verified to date whether the test really measures what it claims to measure, i.e. whether the test has never been, as it is said, "validated".
The second step of a globally spreading deception was that the number of whole seven infected persons, more precisely seven persons who were found to be "positive" according to the new test, as presented by China - measured against the total number of people living in this country or its canton, was a pure joke! - was accepted by the WHO as the basis for declaring a "pandemic". 
In addition, the criteria for declaring a pandemic had previously needed to be changed in order to ensure that global misleading was carried out smoothly. The two central conditions of "enormous death" and "enormous illness" had been deleted and replaced by the criterion of the number of cases of positive test persons.
The fourth moment was the panic-triggering reporting by central opinion-forming organs demanded by the Federal Ministry of the Interior of Germany. According to the ministry, the goal of scaring the population into fear of this "pandemic" was to increase the acceptance of government decisions. This order was then met by a compliancy of the mass media, which many did not believe possible, whose organs tried to outdo each other with daily corona horror reports in a virtually embarrassing court reporting.
At the same time, renowned critics of the government's assessment of the infection incidence and the measures taken, such as Dr. Wodarg or Prof. Bhakdi and many others, were defamed in a downright outrageous manner and reprimanded by immature boys under the title of a "Correctiv" in a hardly bearable manner, since a so-called "fact-check" increasingly proved to be a disgusting mini-terrorism of a court reporting synchronized by the media, that is, a plain impudence. This is aggravated by the fact that helpful publications were repeatedly deleted on youtube or facebook with the succinct hint that this publication does not comply with the applicable rules.
But if one realizes that the extreme measures of lockdown, the obligation to wear masks, the ordering of isolation of children or the threat of their imprisonment by youth welfare offices and much more were based on nothing else but a pcr-test according Drosten`s, which has not been validated until today, and the misjudgement that this test proves the existence of a life-threatening killer virus, it becomes clear that all these measures had no valid reason and that their continuation cannot be accepted.
In fact, the Corona flu is only a phenomenon comparable to the flu epidemics of previous years, as evidenced by the fact that the number of deaths this year is even lower than the previous year. It becomes downright criminal when, for example, traffic deaths that have been tested positive according to the explicit instructions of the RKI are added to the number of "corona deaths". Prof. Püschel from Hamburg had proved that none of the deaths he examined had really died of corona.
That a correct counting of "Corona deaths" in reality neither happened nor was even desired can easily be seen from the fact that the relatives of the deceased were and are offered high sums worldwide - for example 5,000 dollars per case in the USA - for accepting to count the deceased among the Corona deaths.
So if the listings of alleged coronary deaths on ARD and ZDF are part of a clearly demonstrable fraud, it is a sheer impudence to issue warnings of increasing numbers of infected persons without pointing out that this increase is based solely on an explosively increasing number of tests. One should always keep in mind that the so-called "infected" can only mean those who have been tested positive and that those who are not really ill, i.e. symptom-free, cannot infect others.
The repeated reference to the "Spanish flu", which is supposed to increase the current panic, is not convincing, because this flu, once looked at more closely, was neither "Spanish" nor a "flu", but rather a bacterial auto-immune disease in an extremely high number of young soldiers as a result of an almost excessive amount of administered vaccinations. 
To a broad phalanx of experts who do not consider this "pandemic" to be any more dangerous than what was and is coming with normal waves of influenza every year, with reference to the opinion of Mr. Wiehler and Mr. Drosten - the latter had already attracted attention eleven years ago with his interpretation of the swine flu, which had been refuted by facts - the Federal Government insists on its well known view of the "killer virus" and thus not only violates the legal principle of "audiatur et altera pars" (may the other side be heard as well), but also brings unspeakable suffering to the population of Germany through a defiant continuation of known measures. 
Let us remember that in the months of March and April of this year alone, about 90% of necessary operations with an impact on two and a half million people had not been able to take place due to the government's action of reserving (actually empty) wards and beds for potential corona patients with an estimated number of 5. 000 to 125,000 deaths - the fact that the clinics are paid considerably more money than normal for empty "corona beds" is an aggravating factor - then the gigantic extent of the damage in medical terms alone can only be guessed at, which the federal government has caused and continues to cause.
And if we then also take into account the economic damage of a de facto destruction of the entire middle class and countless livelihoods as a result of these measures, we are faced with a mystery and the question: How on earth could this have happened?
This question becomes even more explosive against the background of new research results from the University of Tübingen, according to which 80 to 90 percent of Germans had been immune to this new virus from the very beginning (because of its relationship to the corona viruses of previous years), even without ever having had contact with it. For this means the complete collapse of the theoretical assumptions of the virologists Drosten and Wiehler.
The dictum read by Mr. Kohn, who, on behalf of the Federal Minister of the Interior, in conjunction with a number of proven experts, had put on paper an analysis of governmental corona measures on 83 pages, stating that the whole thing was a "global false alarm", appears on closer inspection as a serious trivialization. For just as it seems impossible to attribute the carefully orchestrated destruction of the economies of almost all countries to a coincidental mistake, empirical findings point to an infinitely perfidious plan that must have been and still is behind the whole thing:
The President of Belarus, for example, reports that three weeks ago the WHO and the IMF had promised him a sum of 90 million dollars on condition that he impose a shutdown on his country along the lines of the Italian model. As he had refused to do so on the grounds that he could not bring his country's entire economy to the brink of collapse, the WHO and the IMF recently increased their offer to Mr. Lukashenko by a factor of ten to 900 million dollars. - And what does that tell us?
That it was in fact not just a "false alarm" that was behind the corona crisis, but rather that the whole thing was in line with a decidedly elaborated plan, is also proven by an astonishing report on the "corona pandemic" simulation, which was conducted at the invitation of the Gates Foundation in conjunction with John Hopkins University, the World Bank and the World Economic Forum, with the participation of high-ranking representatives from the financial sector, the military, the media, information technology, politics - not a single physician had been present - and which was also presented to the public by the WHO and the IMF at October 18, 2019 under the title "Event 201", in which a worldwide "pandemic" was meticulously simulated in many ways, with a "corona virus" as its trigger.
Event 201
In the various contributions, a "New World Order" was invoked again and again without hesitation as a means of solving the problem, and no one had contradicted the representative of China, who praised his own country's constitutional model as being purposeful. In addition it should be pointed out that one of the Rothschilds had already said years ago that the appearance of a worldwide virus infection would make the establishment of a the New World Order world much easier.
The most important motive behind a worldwide Corona Circus seems to be the plan of the pharmaceutical and financial cartel to provide mankind with a life-threatening vaccination, which will be welcomed by a panicked people as a true saviour, which not only serves the officially proclaimed goal of a number of people living on this planet which is to be reduced substantially and at the same time is to flush endless amounts of money into the coffers, but can be linked in a perfidious way to another agenda, namely to push forward a world government controlling everything and everyone in an almost nightmarish way.
It should be clear to everyone that in connection with the Corona flu we need not be afraid of a dangerous disease, but we need to be afraid of a government that has become autocratic and of what it could come up with in a punishable complicity with the cartels and a criminal WHO. This establishes a right, if not a duty, to resist.
The fact that the entire corona scenario had been prepared a long time ago is also supported by the scenario of the opening ceremony of the 2012 Olympic Games, which, starting with a total view from above, gives the stadium as a whole the appearance of a corona virus (see the picture above), through parades of nurses and flying monsters, to children trapped in bars, stretches out in a way that is difficult to digest.
It is reassuring that in an Extra-Parliamentary Corona Investigation Committee (ACU), product liability and damages claims of no small scale are being prepared by lawyers in view of this unspeakable test and unspeakable consequences of measures that are increasingly proving to be unfounded.
In summary, there is an unavoidable suspicion that the measures taken by the German government like those of other countries did not and do not serve the noble goal of protecting the population from a life-threatening epidemic, but rather, among other things, to drive the economies of almost all countries on our planet into a tailspin so that the economic fillets of our and many other countries can be bought up by the commissioners of the big cartels for almost nothing.
Let us ally ourselves with those who have recognized the cause, let us talk to our neighbors, to friends, perhaps even to former classmates, even if they should have woven themselves into a cocoon of supposed security on the basis of high civil servant pensions.
... and the future of mankind
If we went to Berlin last weekend that’s great, or, if that was not easily possible, we should alternatively or basically have joined with heavenly powers and asked them to go to Berlin to support our friends. We could do this as Muslims, but also as Christians and as Jews. In general, I think that these three could unite in this special cause and take joint action against the Corona madness.
Muslims will recognize August 29, 2020 not only as the date of the Corona demonstrations in Berlin, but also as the special holy day of the 10th Muharram, the first month of the new year 1442, i. e. 'Āshūrā', and will place themselves under the protection of its blessing. At the same time, they complain that the Muslim associations, which have for a long time already been artistically creating a kind of state conforming attitude through which nothing is gained but much damage is done, obviously lack courage. –Pathetic! – Among Christians it was so that already at the beginning of the Corona crisis two clergymen of the cardinal rank had spoken out and claimed that the whole Corona affair was caused by a conspiracy of global forces, but the German Bishops' Conference had distanced itself instantly from such statements and thus reminded all too clearly of the miserable role the Catholic Church had played in the Nazi Reich.
Paradoxically, especially in view of a catastrophically worsening situation on this earth "filled with darkness, injustice and oppression", spiritually oriented people could find new hope, since the prophecies of very different cultures describe exactly such a time of endless tribulations, in which the Lord of the Worlds sends special help to mankind.
If the lockdown was interpreted by many as a heavenly admonition to interrupt the daily hustle and bustle, to pause for a moment and become aware of the real values and tasks, such a transformation finds special help in the arrival of a divine messenger. It is said that he will first of all end the electricity on this planet with a triple Takbir and thus at the same time end the electronically controlled enslavement of man.
This also corresponds to a story common among the Hopi, according to which an old chief speaks to his grandson: "O my son, a new great spirit will come, which will end electricity in one fell swoop. Airplanes will fall from the sky, the flashlight of the policemen will no longer shine, and the president will no longer be able to telephone. This will be a special time. I am an old man already, but I hope to live to see this blessed time.
In this context We have to speak about Sayyiduna al-Madi a. s., the „sahibu z-zaman“. – Al-Mahdi, the rightly led, is the leader of the Prophet’s community predicted by Prophet Muhammad  ﷺ, who comes at the end of the time before the Last Day when the earth is filled with darkness, injustice and oppression, and together with ‘Isa ibn Maryam a. s. he will fight and defeat the Dajjal and fill the world with peace and justice.
In our time there are also among apparently educated Muslims who consider these traditions to be illusions and fantasies of the hopeless who take refuge in the belief of a „savior figure“. Others consider it a Shiite heresy.
This contrasts with the attitude of the early scholars of Islam, who viewed the prophet’s predictions as divine prophecy. So there is in the Sunan of Abu Dawud, one of the six canonical hadith collections, an extra chapter under the title: “Kitab al-Mahdi”. More than twenty companions of the Prophet referred this from the Prophet. The numbers are so large that for many scholars these ahadith reached the status of „tawâtur“ („handed down in mass“).
Abd Allah ibn Mas‘ûd reported that the Prophet ﷺ said: „If there is not more than a day left of this world, Allah will extend that day until he sends a man from my house. His name is like mine and his father’s name is like my father’s. He will fill the earth with righteousness and justice as it was previously filled with injustice and oppression.” [Delivered in several chains by Abu Dawud]
And the Prophet ﷺ said: „If you see him, you give bay‘a to him, even if you have to crawl over ice, because he is the Khalif of Allah, al-Mahdi.“ [Ibn Mâjah and al-Hakim (both sahih)]
In connection with the Corona crisis, we see what state terrorism, “injustice and oppression” can come close to us. – Sheikh Nazim efendi and his teacher Abdullah Fa’iz ad-Daghistani (qaddasa llahu sirrahuma) have expected Sn Mahdi’s appearance for their whole life.
We should also hope for this and ask that Allah will send us „sultanu l-insin wa l-jinn“ soon. But regardless of whether Sn. Mahdi a. s. is coming soon or not, we should practice to connect with the powers of heaven and ask our Lord to send us heavenly beings who will let us sense His stunning beauty and love.